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Mississauga vs. Toronto: Comparing Cabinet Refacing Services

Mississauga vs. Toronto: Comparing Cabinet Refacing Services

Mississauga vs. Toronto: Comparing Cabinet Refacing Services

The kitchen is the most crucial part of a house: it can alter your space’s. visual appeal and make it memorable in the eyes of everyone. who looks at it. So how do you breathe a new life into your kitchen without spending big bucks? You go for creative renovation options like cabinet refacing! 

Cabinet refacing typically entails replacing, renovating, or removing damaged parts of your kitchen. cabinets, provided they are located on the outside. Refacing does not mess with the internal structure of cabinets!

But cabinet refacing services can differ from one place to another. Although you may be able to. find the best cabinet refacing in Mississauga, finding. a similar one in Toronto may be easy or difficult, depending on your locality. Let’s delve deeper into the world of cabinet refacing services. and uncover what they entail and how you may get different services depending on your city. 

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Before we dive deeper into the subject, it is essential to know what cabinet refacing actually is. This renovation process is perfect. for homeowners who are unable to choose between replacing. or repairing their cabinets, as refacing involves a little bit of both. You replace the external structure of your cabinets where required, repainting them along the way. 

Cabinet refacing costs less than a quarter of the total cost of cabinet replacement. making it a perfect option for homeowners. on a budget who wish to revive their kitchen with something fantastic. Since cabinet repainting only entails lathering your cabinets in a new coat of paint .and cabinet replacement requires ripping the entire structure out and installing a new one in its place, cabinet refacing is the best option to go for. 

Despite managing only the external structure of kitchen cabinets, refacing offers homeowners. considerable flexibility in terms of their cabinets’ design, color, and durability. They are free to choose the style they want.may it be a vintage, old-school look, a sleek.modern look, or a vivid color that steals the attention of everyone who looks at them. 

All in all, refacing is a simple process that can be wrapped up in as few as two days. and yet give your kitchen a completely new personality and appeal.  

Average Cost of Cabinet Refacing: Mississauga vs. Toronto 

To get a perspective on the average cost of cabinet refacing.let’s first look at the median expense. of remodeling a kitchen. Although the total cost depends upon a number of factors.including the size and shape of your kitchen.the kinds of materials you go for, the number of cabinets you have, and even your geographical location, the average cost of a kitchen remodel ranges anywhere between $150 per square footage. If you wish to look at the cost in total, it may come at a minimum of $16,500.

So if you are looking for a range to renovate your kitchen, you should keep the numbers $15,500 to $25,500.depending on the abovementioned factors. A good thing about these numbers is that the overall cost of kitchen renovation is almost the same in Toronto and Mississauga, with the only possible difference of a few hundred dollars. 

Since cabinet refacing costs less than a quarter of the total cost. of kitchen renovation, you can expect a total bill anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000.which is so much more affordable than other renovation options . with the power to change the visual appeal of your space. 

What Does Cabinet Refacing Entail In Toronto And Mississauga?

The process of cabinet refacing is not very different in Toronto and Mississauga. Both cities offer professional refacing services at almost the same cost and include the same procedures. 

Some of these include the following:

  1. Removal of cabinet doors, drawers, and cabinets while the cabinet frames remain intact. Professional refacers typically cover the outer cabinet portion with either Rigid Thermofoil or natural wood veneer. 
  2. The next step entails skinning cabinet sides with laminate or wood veneer and attaching new door hinges if required. You can use your old hinges as well if they work just fine! 
  3. The drawer fronts and cabinet doors are replaced or renovated, depending upon their condition. 
  4. New drawer pulls, handles, and other kinds of hardware fixtures are installed. This is only applicable if the old ones are not suitable for use anymore. 
  5. The last step is optional but is offered in both Toronto and Mississauga. It entails installing optional accessories to your cabinets, including glass panels, internal cabinet lighting, crown molding, or specialized storage accessories. These items can help stylishly embellish your cabinets and bring your dream kitchen to life. 

Summing Up 

Availing of renovation services in different cities may seem strange. but cabinet refacing services in Mississauga and Toronto are quite the same. Both entail similar refacing processes and cost almost the same amount. 

So whether you are in Mississauga or Toronto, you can conveniently. call on professional racers and let them work their magic on your kitchens without any worry. Visit here to related post to learn more about renovating your kitchen through innovative. processes that do not cost an arm and a leg! 

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