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QuickBooks Error 103: What Is It and How To Fix It

QuickBooks Error 103: What Is It and How To Fix It

QuickBooks Error 103 is an error code that occurs when your QuickBooks application can not match the login credentials with what your financial institution’s website has. This error usually indicates that the login information you entered is incorrect or that your account needs some corrections, such as verifying your identity or completing an additional security step. The error message for QuickBooks online error 103 says, “Something kept us from connecting to get transactions here. Let’s fix that. (103).” Get complete details about bank error 103 in QuickBooks Online in our blog below:

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Reasons for QB Error 103

The following are the reasons behind the error 103 QuickBooks Online:

  • Entering the wrong credentials while connecting the bank to QB for the first time.
  • Selecting the incorrect financial institution.
  • Updating the login credentials with the financial institution but not with QuickBooks can lead to bank error 103 in QuickBooks Online.

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Crucial Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 103

Here are some steps you can take to resolve error code 103:

Solution 1: Validate Your Sign-in Info

QuickBooks will be unable to connect to the bank account if you do not submit the correct credentials. As a result, it is always a good idea to double-check your user ID and password before connecting your account to QuickBooks. So, follow the steps:

  • Click the plus icon and open a new window in the web browser.
  • Then, enter your bank’s website address and hit Enter.
  • After that, enter your credentials.
  • If you are successfully signed in, the ID and Password are correct. If not, then reset them with the help of instructions on the bank’s website.

Solution 2: Give Permissions for the Third-party in Your Bank Account

Sometimes, banks require users to configure access permissions for various third-party applications like Quickbooks, such that they can connect with them. So, check if you have provided the required permissions or not, and if not, then grant appropriate permissions.

  • Go to the official website of your bank, and log in to the account you want to connect to QB.
  • Then, click on the User Profile section and then on the Password and Security section.
  • Here, you need to turn on the third-party access and click the Yes button to confirm your action.

Sum Up!

These are all the details we can provide to you so that you can resolve the QuickBooks Error 103 on your own. However, in case you are stuck at something, you can connect with us at the Toll-free number (855)-955-1942

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