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Why do candidates fail to learn English? 

Why do candidates fail to learn English? 

English is a language with official status as the second language in many countries. For sure, English is the first demand of the MNCs. People who are willing to work in the MNCs have to prove their efficiency in the English language. For sure, there are a few people who are willing to work in reputed MNCs but due to a lack of efficiency in the English language, they fail to get their dream job. Even to get a job at a private company, English language efficiency will help you a lot. 

The article will tell you what actually stops candidates from getting efficiency in the language. For sure, tehre are some reasons that are making things tough for you while learning the English language. You will fail to learn English if you fail to remove these mistakes while learning the English language. 

English is a very important language and to flourish in your career, you must have a basic understanding of the language as the language is used as the global language. To get the best professional help in learning the English language, you can join an institute that is famous for offering the best English Speaking Course in Jalandhar.

The reasons that make candidates fail to learn English:

Here, the following pointers will tell you some reasons that stop candidates from gaining efficiency in the English language. 

Not stepping on the ground

Many candidates don’t step on the ground with the thought that English is quite a tough language to learn. That stops them from learning English and they never try to learn that language. But note that English is a very simple language to learn and anyone with the right sources can learn this language. 

Not using the sources 

Many candidates lack interest in reading novels and this also leaves a negative impact on the process of learning the English language. The best part of novels is that the conversation among the characters is often done in a written manner that you can analyze with patience. 


Many candidates often hesitate to speak in English with others due to their shy nature. But they can practice speaking in the English language in front of the mirror which will surely help them improve their efficiency in making structure in the English language. Try to be confident when you are speaking in front of the mirror and make sure to speak without transitions. 

Personal barriers 

Sometimes, people find it offensive to love other languages due to their appreciation for their mother tongue. Well, learning another language doesn’t mean that you don’t love your own mother tongue or you are just disrespecting your mother tongue. In fact, learning a different language is always beneficial and nothing can match the taste of the language that you use to converse with your family and best buddies. 

Not analyzing 

Don’t forget that you have to make an effort to analyze the English language. Even when you are reading the language in the novels, you have to make an effort to analyze the language. Make sure to analyze the language even while listening. Reading, and writing to improve your knowledge of the language. 

But the most important quality that you will require to learn English is patience. You can’t learn the English with an overnight practice. However, an overnight practice will help you a lot in improving your efficiency in the English language. 

Learning so many words in a day

Learning so many words in a day will surely problematize the process of learning English vocab. Just grab the perfect dictionary and a highlighter, and learn three words daily with their profound meanings to level up your efficiency in English vocabulary. 

For more help on learning the English language, come in contact with the best platform that offers the best English Speaking Course in Ludhiana. Their efforts will help you a lot in gaining English proficiency in the simplest way. 


These are some of the reasons that can stop you from gaining proficiency in the English language. Moreover, these wonderful tips will help you a  lot in learning the English language. 

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