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What Flowers to Choose for a Get Well Soon Bouquet

What Flowers to Choose for a Get Well Soon Bouquet

What Flowers to Choose for a Get Well Soon Bouquet

We’ve all been there—hoping for a speedy recovery for a friend or loved one laid up in the hospital. Sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture, but with so many options, how do you know which blooms are best? Allow us to walk you through a few factors to consider when ordering a get-well, atlanta flower delivery.

Color Psychology

First, let’s look at color psychology and its impact. When someone is feeling unwell, lighter, more soothing hues can help lift their spirits. Steer clear of anything too bold or dramatic. Pinks, whites, and yellows are generally calming choices.

A mix of light pink roses and miniature carnations provides a soft, feminine touch that’s easy on the eyes. Go lighter still with alstroemeria—also known as the Peruvian lily—for a bouquet of airy wisps. Its pale yellow and peach blooms practically glow.

Another relaxing option is a white orchid plant. Beyond its beauty, orchids are known to improve mood and reduce stress—a bonus for your ailing friend. Place it prominently as a central feature of your arrangement.

Just be wary of incorporating too much red. While a single pop of bright color can spark energy, too much red risks feeling heavy or overwhelming to someone under the weather. Save bold reds for later, when they’re feeling more themselves.

Fragrance Factors

Scent plays a powerful role in elevating or depressing one’s mood. Some floral aromas are inherently uplifting, while others may bring on a headache for the infirm.

Lilies, for example, have a cloyingly sweet perfume that can aggravate sensitive senses. Gerbera daisies and alstroemeria emit a lighter, more pleasing fragrance. Carnations offer a gentle, slightly spicy scent your friend won’t find overpowering.

For the safest bet, choose flowers from your atlanta florist with very subtle or no odor. Fresh green foliage like eucalyptus, ferns, and baby’s breath lend visual appeal without taxing the sniffers. Your friend will appreciate a bouquet soothed by natural texture and color instead of being overwhelmed by cloying smells.

Symbolism Matters

Sending the right symbolic message is crucial for a get-well bouquet. Stay far from funeral flowers heavy with mourning meanings. Choose blooms that uplift and encourage healing, not ones reminiscent of declining health.

Tulips, for instance, represent cheerful thoughts and are perfect for someone confined but rebuilding strength. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity—a lovely reminder of better days ahead. And who doesn’t find the resilient sunflower inspiring? Its bright yellow face turns toward new light and vitality.

Of course, the dual meaning of roses as symbols of love, beauty, and gratitude makes them always appropriate. Just opt for lighter pastel shades over anything too vibrant or dramatic at this sensitive stage.


Your sick friend will appreciate the visual stimulation of varied textures in their flower gift. A bouquet wholly composed of similar soft blooms risks feeling flat and dull on the eyes. Instead, incorporate blooms with slight variations.

Silky tulips and peony petals offset crisply pointed carnations. Delicate baby’s breath frames plump alstroemeria buds. The frilly edges of the lace flower contrast with smooth hydrangea spheres. These textural contrasts engage the senses of someone confined to a sterile room.

Layer in airy eucalyptus branches or supple olive tree leaves for extra visual and tactile dimensions. Their green presence anchors the arrangement while their pliable forms provide natural movement without overwhelming delicate sensibilities.

With these factors in mind—soothing colors, pleasing scents, uplifting symbols, and engaging textures, you’ll craft the perfect thoughtful bouquet to speed healing and lift spirits for your loved one. Now get to arranging or just order from flower shops in Atlanta and brighten their day!

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