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What Are The Best Ways To Increase Male Fertility?

What Are The Best Ways To Increase Male Fertility?

Infertility is one of the problems that males face today on a regular basis. One in every six guys experiences similar problems, which are more prevalent in the US, according to study. This indicates that roughly 16% of men in the US alone today are infertile or experience signs of male infertility, which is a severe problem.

In light of this, let’s investigate the factors that contribute to male infertility and the most effective treatmentst.

What Does the Term “Male Infertility” Exactly Mean?

What precisely is male infertility, then? A male who is infertile has lost the capacity to procreate, to put it simply. A male who struggles with infertility won’t be able to get his female companion pregnant.

Infertility can sometimes be caused by another sexual problem, or it can also be attributed to your way of life. Male infertility may also result in the use of medications like Cenforce 100, according to some research.

How Can Male Infertility Happen?

The time has come for us to look into the causes of infertility in men. Understanding these origins of the condition is crucial because it may make it easier for you to identify possible treatments.

Decreased Libido Levels

Males who have low libido secretions are one of the reasons for infertility. Ejaculation produces too little secretion on its own. This indicates that there are less sperm in your ejaculated semen, making it more challenging to become pregnant with your female partner.

erection problems

Male infertility may have several causes, including ED. It has frequently been discovered that 1 in 8 men who experience erectile dysfunction or a lagging erection may also have male infertility concerns that require treatment with drugs like Cenforce 150 mg.

Having A Low Sperm Count

In their semen, men can have low sperm counts. It will be challenging to help your female spouse become pregnant if your sperm count is below average.

Sperm motility is lower.

Low sperm motility may be a serious factor in male infertility. This refers to the sperm cells’ reduced motility and locomotion. A man who already has this problem will have less sperm that are motile and mobile.

reduced testosterone

Having reduced levels of the male sexual hormone testosterone is unquestionably one of the key factors that may increase infertility in you.

A Serious Alcohol and Drug Addiction

According to studies, up to 40% of men who are predisposed to serious alcohol and drug addiction, including those who use cocaine and marijuana, may experience problems with male infertility.

Smoking Too Much

Another addiction that might impair male fertility is smoking. Nearly 20% of heavy smokers experience this sexual difficulty, per statistical data.

Treatment of Male Infertility

It’s time to see whether there’s any way you can get well. We will learn about the methods that can increase your fertility in this section.


You can improve your testosterone levels by getting more exercise, which may increase fertility. Your body’s testosterone levels might progressively rise if you exercise or engage in physical activity like swimming or playing some physical sports.

You can concentrate on exercising in a way that strengthens your prostate glands, such as running, jogging, cycling, skipping, and other similar activities. Exercises are beneficial for men who use medications like Cenforce 200, by the way.

having sufficient vitamin c

According to several theories and scientific research, guys who experience problems with oxidative stress may become infertile. Increasing your consumption of vitamin C, a reducing agent that lessens oxidative damage to the sperm cells, will help you get over it.

Of course, there are many things to have if you want to improve your consumption of vitamin C. You can bring veggies like tomatoes, cabbage, and cauliflower as well as fruits like grapes, kiwis, oranges, lemons, and strawberries.

Make sure you don’t stress out.

Stress, worry, and depression are some of the serious problems affecting men today that are causing them to have fewer children, as we have already mentioned. A study found that about 45% of males with such psychological problems may also struggle with concerns related to their fertility.

You must maintain a stress-free lifestyle, which includes daily yoga, meditation, and restful sleep, in order to recover from it.

Don’t worry yourself out.

Men are having fewer children today because of major issues including stress, worry, and depression, as we have already highlighted. According to a study, roughly 45% of men with these psychological issues also battle with worries about their fertility.

In order to recover from it, you must maintain a stress-free lifestyle that includes regular yoga, meditation, and sound sleep.

Possess fenugreek

Fenugreek is a popular culinary ingredient and a healing herb. A study found that males with low fenugreek levels were more likely to experience infertility problems. According to a different study, adding fenugreek to people’s diets or giving them fenugreek extracts directly has helped to worsen male reproductive problems. By the way, if you use medications like Fildena 100, this culinary item is also beneficial to your health.

Adopt A Zinc-Rich Diet

One of the most important nutrients for raising testosterone levels and improving sperm cell health and production is zinc. If you are taking any supplements to improve your fertility, you can look at the composition and be sure that zinc is included. Consume shellfish, eggs, and meat if you want to enhance your diet’s zinc consumption.

Final Word

As you can see, we have included the typical causes of male infertility in the sections above. Finally, we have discussed a number of strategies for addressing this problem.

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