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Virat Kohli Half Centuries: Dominating the Record Books in Test, ODI, T20I, and IPL Formats

virat kohli total half-centuries in all format

Virat Kohli Half Centuries: Dominating the Record Books in Test, ODI, T20I, and IPL Formats

Virat Kohli is a very productive cricket player of team India who had an average of almost 50 in all formats. He has put his name on many records during his national or international cricket journey. He made 77 international hundreds (second to Sachin Tendulkar) and 132 half-centuries. Most of the time he converts half a century to a century. Due to these big numbers, he is called the king of cricket or King Kohli.

But his recent innings against South Africa where he made his 63 odi fifty but failed to convert into a hundred is eagerly awaited by his fans as well as the team. Because before this the gap between its last international century was almost 2 years. Except for this, he always performs splendours in every match. This Indian cricket player is mainly known for his aggression as he uses it as his strength in the game and brings trophies for the country. Let’s move forward to break the answer for how many half century of Virat Kohli.

Total Half-Centuries of Virat Kohli in All Cricket Formats: ODI, T20I, and IPL

He is known as a chase master due to his consistency and good average in all formats of cricket especially in ODI cricket with an average of 57.38 and a strike rate of 94. Out of its 132 half centuries, 66 have come in the ODI format. His track record against all international teams is remarkable. some of its crucial half-centuries in ODI are listed below:

  • First half century against Sri Lanka in 2008 in Colombo i.e. 54 runs in just 66 balls with 7 boundaries.
  • In his 66 ODI fifties five times he scored above 90 out of which one time out at a score of 99 against West Indies in 2013 at Visakhapatnam.
  • 13 times he has gone back to pavilion not out at 50+ score.
  • He made 11,11 half-centuries against Sri Lanka as well as Australia.
  • 7 half-centuries against South Africa.
  • 8,8 against England and New Zealand
  • 10 half centuries against the West Indies.
  • 2 against the main rivals of the Indian cricket team Pakistan. Both half-centuries are at a good strike rate of 130 plus.
  • 1, 1 against Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.
  • 2 came against Bangladesh.

The above half-centuries mentioned are in ODI. He also has made lots of half-centuries in the test as well as the t20 format of cricket. 

  • Virat Kohli’s half-centuries in test matches: 63
  • His total half centuries in t20I are: 37.

As we have discussed Virat Kohli total half centuries in all formats is 166* excluding the half centuries of IPL which also is in good numbers i.e. 50 (means 50 fifties in IPL). He has left no cricket format to put his starring name on the records.

Summing Up

Virat Kohli is the highest-scoring cricket player in India and hence got the title of ‘Run Machine’ by his fans. He has a good record of half centuries along with full centuries in all cricket formats.

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