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United States E-Learning Market, Size, Share, Growth | Forecast 2023-2028 |Renub Research

United States E-Learning Market, Size, Share, Growth | Forecast 2023-2028 |Renub Research

Renub Research has recently published a report named “United States E-Learning Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2022-2030,” providing a detailed industry analysis that consists of market share insights. Furthermore, the report encompasses a study of competitors and regions and the recent growth in the United States E-Learning Market.

The United States E-Learning Market is projected to reach US$ 169.98 Billion via 2030. The US e-learning industry is witnessing speedy increase and holds significant capacity for the future.  With the improvements in advancement and the increasing demand for flexible & handy education, e-learning has emerged as a famous opportunity to standard lecture room-primarily based mastering. The market size is predicted to witness a surge in adoption, pushed by factors including the benefit of on-line studying, the capacity to cater to various learning styles, and the power it gives to each college students and operating experts.

One of the key drivers of increase in the US e-learning industry is the speedy expansion of net connectivity and cellular technology. With more people beings having access to excessive-velocity internet and smartphones, the barriers to access for on-line studying have substantially reduced. This has opened up opportunities for academic establishments, edtech startups, and man or woman teachers to provide a huge variety of courses and applications to a bigger target audience. In addition to educational training, the corporate zone is increasingly turning to e-gaining knowledge of for worker schooling and upskilling. The flexibility of e-getting to know lets in groups to provide training programs to their staff regardless of geographical places, resulting in value financial savings and improved performance.

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However, challenges stay within the e-learning industry, along with making sure same get admission to schooling for all, addressing the virtual divide, and retaining the great of on line courses. Efforts are being made to bridge these gaps via projects along with offering net access to underserved areas and enforcing great standards for on line education. The United States E-learning Market is predicted to enjoy a strong double-digit compound annual boom rate (CAGR) of 12.50% from 2022to 2030. Driven with accessibility, comfort, flexibility, and engagement they offer to newcomers.

The academic sector dominates the United States e-learning industry, maintaining the largest market share.

In the United States e-learning industry, the instructional sector dominates with the most important market share. Educational establishments, starting from K-12 colleges to universities, have embraced e-learning as a means to provide flexible and accessible schooling to students. The convenience and personalized learning experiences presented by using on-line systems have received traction, especially for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic when far flung mastering have become a need. With a focal point on enhancing virtual mastering environments and integrating innovative technologies, the educational sector maintains to pressure the boom and evolution of the e-learning industry within the United States.

Segments – This report has been covered from 3 viewpoints

1.    Corporate E-Learning

2.    Academic E-Learning

3.    Government E-Learning

The large enterprise segment is witnessing giant expansion in United States e-learning Market.

The large enterprise segment is witnessing maximum growth, allowing them to offer steady and scalable getting to know answers throughout geographically dispersed groups. The flexibility and value-effectiveness of e-learning to know systems make them an appealing choice for massive establishments looking for to decorate staff capabilities and improve organizational performance. This growing demand from the huge large enterprise segment contributes to the overall boom and market potential of the e-learning market inside the United States.

Corporate E-Learning Type – Sub – Segment has been covered from 2 viewpoints

1.    Small & Medium Business (SMBs)

2.    Large Enterprises

Higher education retains the majority of market domination in the United States’ e-learning business.

In the US E-learning industry, better training emerges as the frontrunner, retaining the largest share of sales. Colleges and universities are more and more integrating e-mastering systems into their curriculum, providing on line guides and diploma packages to students. This fashion is pushed through the desire to offer flexible gaining knowledge of alternatives, cater to a numerous student population, and make bigger educational opportunities beyond conventional campus obstacles. The higher schooling area’s dominant function within the e-mastering marketplace signifies its commitment to innovation and its reputation of the transformative capability of digital learning in shaping the future of education.

Academic Segments – Sub-segments has been covered from 3 viewpoints

Online K12 Education

Vocational training

Higher Education

Online K12 Education further Divided into 3 Viewpoint

Elementary School Students

Middle School Students

High School Students

Online e-learning dominates the United States e-learning industry, conserving the highest market.

There is a developing attractiveness and believe in on-line e-gaining knowledge of structures as a reliable and powerful educational medium. As generation advances and on line getting to know experiences enhance, people, academic institutions, and companies are recognizing the advantages of e-learning. The convenience, flexibility, and personalized nature of online mastering have confirmed to be tremendously powerful, resulting in expanded learner engagement and higher academic results. The COVID-19 pandemic similarly elevated the acceptance of e-gaining knowledge of, because it has become a need for far flung schooling. This full-size reputation and believe in online e-studying systems are reshaping the instructional panorama, supplying possibilities for lifelong gaining knowledge of and increasing get right of entry to to excellent education for people across the globe.

Technology – This report has been covered from 6 viewpoints

Online e-learning


Mobile e-learning

Rapid e-learning

Virtual Classes


The content market occupies an outstanding role and captures the biggest proportion inside the United States e-learning Industry.

The content material market is a key participant in the United States e-learning industry, commanding an outstanding function and capturing the biggest proportion. This reflects the vital role that fantastic educational content performs in using the success and growth of e-learning systems. With the growing demand for diverse and tasty gaining knowledge of substances, content material providers and developers are instrumental in assembly the desires of beginners and educational establishments. Their capability to create and supply nicely-curated content, inclusive of interactive training, videos, checks, and other resources, contributes drastically to the development and growth of the e-getting to know enterprise within the United States.

Provider – This report has been covered from 2 viewpoints



Key Players

The United States e-learning market is characterized by fragmentation, with several key players contributing to its diverse landscape. Companies such as Adobe System Inc, Cornerstone Inc, Citrix Inc, Microsoft Corporation, McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson, Stride Inc, and Coursera Inc play integral roles in shaping the industry. These organizations bring innovation, technology, and educational expertise to the market, offering a wide range of e-learning solutions and platforms to meet the diverse needs of learners and educational institutions across the country.

The United States e-learning marketplace is characterised by way of fragmentation, with several key playes contributing to its various landscape. Companies consisting of Adobe System Inc, Cornerstone Inc, Citrix Inc, Microsoft Corporation, McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson, Stride Inc, and Coursera Inc play integral roles in shaping the industry. These groups carry innovation, technology, and educational role to the market, imparting a wide variety of e-learning solution and platforms to satisfy the numerous needs of learner and academic establishments across the USA.

All the companies have been studied from 3 points

•    Business Overview

•    Recent Developments & Strategy

•    Sales Analysis

Company Analysis

Abode System Inc

Cornerstone INC

Crtix INC

Microsoft Corporation

McGraw-Hill Education


Stride INC

Coursera INC

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