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Top Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

Top Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

If yes, then one thing you could do is to create an exercise program that helps to burn off fat and improve your fitness level overall.

Unfortunately, finding time to workout or to master the latest exercise routine can be a challenge. A study conducted by Bodybuilding.com found that nearly 75% of those who have set fitness as their New Year’s resolution are likely to give up before seeing outcomes.

The most important reason people are unable to stick to their goals is because they get discouraged because they’re working on it by themselves. They need the support system required to reach this vital target.

In any endeavor, but especially one that is brand new, working with a partner will increase the likelihood of being successful.

Find a friend to join you at the gym with you, or convince your friend to join an exercise program that is new to you. Keep in mind that we’re there for you.

Today, we highlight 37 of the most popular fitness blogs you can follow through 2023. The sites are carefully selected to give you the most relevant information on fitness and health while you embark on your way to healthier living.

The blogs we feature here provide information from reliable and high-quality sources, i.e., those actively involved in the fitness and health business. We’ve decided to include blogs niches written by certified trainers, nutritionists, therapists, and the top makers of technology and gear to promote health and wellness.

Furthermore, many of the websites featured here give you the information you need at no cost. You won’t be charged for the info you require. We know that paying a substantial amount to physiotherapist Ashford Kent about fitness tips or being obliged to purchase fancy equipment can deter you from staying true to those fitness objectives.

Let’s tackle the issues…

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Best Health and Fitness Blogs

Jessi Kneeland

In this blog, Jessi Kneeland is a proponent of the real thing, including body neutrality and self-love. It’s refreshing and uplifting to read her posts, encouraging readers to connect more to their bodies.

Keep It SimpElle

Keep It SimpElle is a stunningly created blog that highlights the accomplishments that our bodies are capable of. The blogger’s owner is Elle, a British-based entrepreneur and fitness expert who shares information, reviews, and personal stories about her fitness journey.

Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop, the creator of Love Sweat Fitness, found her passion to help others reach the fitness targets they have set for themselves. She tells the tale of her fitness journey on the site, along with workout tips, nutrition advice, and motivational quotes for her followers.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

To Tina Haupert, the creator of Carrots ‘N’ Cake, the purpose of achieving the goal of Carrots ‘N’ Cake is to help people achieve equilibrium throughout their lives. She offers guidance on fitness, nutrition, and “best practices” to help others find that balance.


The National Academy of Sports Medicine manages the NASM blog. It offers a wide array of resources based on science that assists the fitness industry and its clients at each step of their fitness journey.

Garmin Fitness Blog

Garmin Fitness Blog comes from the company that makes innovative products for aviation, outdoor sports, and automotive. You can be sure that the fitness-related articles posted on their blog are supported by studies.

The fitness blog provides:

Details on how you can use Garmin products to boost your body’s fitness level.

Suggestions for encouraging your family members to begin their fitness routines.

Tips on how to find peace in your daily life.

Kino MacGregor

If you’re looking to find resources on yoga and meditation, the blog from Kino MacGregor is a must-visit. She offers insights on yoga, not only as a fitness exercise but also as a way of living.


Fitwirr blog is focused on fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s full of valuable tips for living healthier and happier lives. The most appealing aspect is that it is written and entertainingly.

DIY Active

DIY Active’s founders’ goal is “home fitness for everyone.” It’s the truth that most of us are incredibly busy all week long.

Although fitness and health are crucial, they’re often left to the side. We look after our bodies when we’re sick or when our clothes aren’t fitting any longer.

This blog offers suggestions on including exercise in your daily routine even when you don’t have time to hit the gym.

Ben Greenfield Life

Ben Greenfield’s site is considered one of the most comprehensive sources on biohacking, obstacle training, and maximizing performance for the body. If you’re keen to know more about how you can improve your body and performance under the direction of an expert, This blog is the one you’re looking for.

ACE Healthy Living Blog

Learn to live an active and healthy life by reading the helpful articles and health-focused features in the American Council on Exercise blog posts.

ACE was founded on the belief that exercise makes people feel more alive and is crucial to attaining health. Their blog expresses this fundamental belief. It offers information on fitness and nutrition and in-depth information about an active, healthy lifestyle for all family members.


Simply Shredded is a fantastic choice for both women and men looking for a resource that is accessible to help shape the body, tone, and build their muscles. The material includes interviews with famous bodybuilders, motivational stories, and valuable articles on the bodybuilding sport.


BarBend is dedicated to helping users access the newest information and most up-to-date articles on fitness and strength sports. The majority of our content is written by elite performers, Olympians, fitness and nutrition experts, as well as other credible experts who are experts in health and fitness.

Nerd Fitness

According to Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness is an “‘community of misfits, underdogs, and mutants’ who can help you along your fitness journey. Nerd Fitness is a community of nerds pursuing fitness, and it’s excellent!”

The website is a space where you can design the best exercise program for you and receive the encouragement and support of like-minded people who don’t fall into the usual fitness-focused mold.

Robertson Training Systems

Robertson Training Systems is committed to providing quality content on increasing your fitness level. It includes everything you require to establish a solid base for your fitness goals, including nutrition information, the proper approach to workouts to build self-discipline, and much more.

Natalie Jill

Fitness is equally crucial for those who reach middle age. This blog on fitness by Natalie Jill is filled with valuable resources to help you kickstart your fitness routine after you have left your youthful years in the dust.

Breaking Muscle

If you’re searching for logs that give you a glimpse of the bodybuilding world ascendant-burning exercises, visit Breaking Muscle.

The blog is packed with all the information you require, including workout plans, updates on the fitness and bodybuilding industry, reviews on popular diets or new workouts, and a wealth of information on healthy eating.

It’s a fantastic site to go to if seeking the correct information on exercises you’re interested in or to get motivated.


Runtastic is a fantastic source for running and other cardio-focused exercises. However, not all of its articles are focused on cardio. There are great posts on nutrition and strength training.

The suggestions and tips they offer can be helpful if you need to reach the fitness targets you set. These success stories are great for enticing you to get started on a healthier way of life.

MyFitnessPal Blog

MyFitnessPal’s blog is brimming with information on fitness and health. This is not surprising, considering it’s the official blog of one of the most effective applications for tracking and beating your fitness goals.

You’ll find helpful resources on diet, weight loss, and fitness. The blog also provides motivational articles to help you stay in the right direction in your fitness and overall health objectives.


Powercakes blog’s creator is determined to encourage her readers and motivate them with the power of the world of food and fitness. On this website, you’ll find a wealth of information on healthy dishes, reviews of products and giveaways exclusively to readers, workout advice, and other information connected to fitness and health.

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