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Top 5 Catrin Stewart Movies To Watch


Top 5 Catrin Stewart Movies To Watch

Catrin Stewart, known for her roles in Stella and Doctor Who as Jenny Flint and in Casualty and Misfits, delivers a captivating dramatic turn as Lizzie Borden in this acclaimed TV adaptation. She makes the role her own, even in this tasteful drama let down by sluggish pacing.

As soon as she wrapped up Twilight, Stewart began gravitating towards roles that were polar opposites to goody-goody Bella Swan. Here, she’s a sweary teenage lapdancer in New Orleans befriended by an older salesman.

1. The Long Kiss Goodnight

Catrin Stewart is a Welsh actress best known for playing Jenny Flint, the sidekick to Vastra, the lizard detective on Doctor Who, as well as series regular roles on Casualty and Sky1’s Stella. She also voices a variety of characters for Big Finish productions.

She stars as twin daughters Nan and Ana who set out for revenge on their novelist mother’s murderer in this offbeat thriller, adapted from Fflur Dafydd’s book. The yesmovies app film marks the debut feature of director Euros Lyn.

It’s a great showcase for Stewart’s talent, even if the inane premise of the movie isn’t fully realized. It’s still a worthwhile watch, though.

2. Snow White and the Huntsman

In this darker retelling of the fairy tale Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) learns from her Magic Mirror that her stepdaughter Snow White is destined to surpass her in beauty and power. Ravenna then realizes that the only way to maintain her immortality is to consume Snow White’s heart.

The Huntsman, a drunken widower played by Chris Hemsworth, is hired to find Snow White and kill her. He ultimately takes pity on her and teaches her how to fight and survive in the wild.

There are some serious battle scenes and a decent amount of bloodshed, but this movie is still a PG-13. There are also hints of romance but it never gets fully resolved. This is a must-see for fans of action films. It is also a good introduction to Catrin Stewart’s acting talents. Her performance is both powerful and compelling.

3. The Assassination of Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg was a symbol of the French New Wave as well as a commercial film star. She appeared in big movies like Paint Your Wagon with Clint Eastwood and Airport but she also took on challenging films that were more experimental and artistic. She had a unique quality that made her hard to pin down. She was part Parisian and American at the same time. She could be Joan of Arc in her first movie or Lilith the film she did the year after.

She worked with director Francois Truffaut again on his short film Le Grand Escroc (The Big Swindle). On set Preminger was a tyrant and when it came to the climactic scene where she was chained to a stake her acting melted into paranoia and despair. It was her last performance. She committed suicide a few months later.

4. The Devil Wears Prada

Based on a best-selling novel, The Devil Wears Prada takes Manhattan fashionistas to task. It stars Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, a recent journalism graduate who lands a job at Runway magazine. Her first boss is Miranda Priestly, the despotic editor-in-chief who’s known for her icy demeanor and ruthless criticism.

Meryl Streep delivers a masterful performance as Miranda, skewering her co-workers with arrogant couture opinions and her inflexible dress code. The repelis film’s director, David Frankel (who also helmed episodes of Sex and the City), resists the temptation to make her a cartoonish monster.

Taking advantage of his strong cast, the director crafts a smart, funny and fast-paced drama that’s a treat for anyone who loves fashion. It was a critical and commercial smash, giving Streep her biggest hit to date and launching Hathaway’s career in the States.

5. The Family Man

Catrin Stewart is an actress who has made a name for herself with appearances on Doctor Who and Stella. She is also known for her roles in Casualty and Misfits. She was born on 29 January 1988 in Wales and has a net worth of $5 million.

High-powered Wall Street bachelor Jack Campbell (Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage) lives a life in the fast lane until one Christmas night he wakes up in suburban New Jersey next to Kate, the college sweetheart he left 13 years ago. He soon discovers that his old lifestyle is a thing of the past and must make some serious adjustments.

Brett Ratner directed this offbeat comedy that stars Jeremy Piven, Don Cheadle, Saul Rubinek and Makenzie Vega. Catrin Stewart, who is best known for her recurring role on the series of Doctor Who as Jenny Flint, plays twin daughters Ana and Nan in this thriller set in the National Library of Wales.

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