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Tiles for Every Season: Choosing the Right Tiles Based on Climate

Tiles for Every Season: Choosing the Right Tiles Based on Climate

Tiles are being widely used to cover the floors and walls of modern houses. From the interior design to the outdoor spaces of a house, tiles play an important role in the overall appearance of a home. When selecting tiles for your house, you can find different types of tiles in the market. These different tiles are suitable for different areas of your house. You can not place the same tiles in your bedroom and the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of tiles and their usage before you make a purchase. We have listed some most common tile types and their suitability further in this article:

Types of Tiles

The following are some most common types of tiles used in modern houses:

  • Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are made up of sand, water, and clay. All these ingredients together make these tiles strong and durable. However, these tiles are prone to stains and scratches. 
  • Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified tiles are also a type of ceramic tiles, but these are even more sturdy. These tiles are made of a mixture of silica & clay and are compressed under extremely high temperatures. As a result, vitrified tiles are less porous and highly dense, which makes them very strong compared to normal ceramic tiles. 
  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles or GVTs (Glazed Vitrified Tiles) are a more premium version of vitrified tiles. These are vitrified ceramic tiles with an additional layer of glaze over them. This glaze gives them a polished appearance and reduces their porosity even further. 
  • Natural Stone Tiles: Natural stone tiles are tile slabs made using natural stones like marble, granite, and others. Though these give a really good aesthetic appearance to your space, they are hard to install, less durable, and also more expensive.
  • Cement or Concrete Tiles: Tiles made of concrete or cement are ideal for outdoors. These are also very sturdy, which makes them suitable for heavy foot traffic areas. Moreover, the rough surface of these tiles offers a very good grip. 

Keep The Climatic Conditions in Mind While Selecting Tiles for Your House

It is always a wise decision to consider the climatic conditions of your area before selecting tiles for your house. With so many different types of tiles available in the market, you can easily get overwhelmed while making a decision. You need to think of a few questions in your mind before you purchase tiles for your home. Do you live in a too-snowy, too-rainy, or too-hot area? Is the weather in your area mild or too harsh? After answering these questions, you can decide on the right type of tiles to go for.

If you live in an area where it’s raining most of the time, go for tiles with excellent grip and moisture-resistant properties. Similarly, if you live in a snowy area, tiles that are cold-resistant would be suitable for your house. On the other hand, heat-resistant tiles are ideal for areas with high temperatures. It doesn’t make much sense to go for highly gripped tiles without checking their SRI if you live in a hot climate area.

Choosing The Right Tiles for Every Space

While selecting tiles for different areas of your houses, make sure to keep the below-listed points in mind:


For your kitchen floor, it is advisable to go for vitrified or glazed vitrified tiles. The kitchen is one of the most widely used areas in your home and experiences regular foot traffic. Therefore, it is advisable to choose highly durable floor tiles with stain and scratch-resistant properties. Talking about the wall tiles, you can go for normal ceramic tiles for your kitchen walls, but make sure that these tiles are resistant to water and moisture. 


For the bathroom floor, ceramic tiles should be preferred. Though vitrified and glazed vitrified tiles are also not bad options, these can be more slippery. Therefore, it is advisable to choose ceramic tiles for your bathroom floor. However, you can choose vitrified tiles for the walls of your bathroom. Make sure that you choose bathroom-specific tiles that are specially manufactured for bath spaces and have additional water and moisture-resistant properties.

Living Room & Bedroom

For the living room and bedrooms of your house, you can choose glazed vitrified tiles. These are suitable for floors as well as walls of a room. You can find these tiles in a variety of designs and finish options. Based on the interior design and overall style of your home, you can make the right choice of tiles.

Terrace & Balcony Area

Choosing outdoor tiles is quite difficult compared to choosing ones for indoors. Apart from the design, quality, durability, etc, you also need to consider the tile’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and their SRI value. If you are looking for long-lasting tile options for the terrace or balcony of your house, you can consider the Cool Roof tiles collection from H&R Johnson.


The selection of parking tiles depends on whether you are choosing tiles for indoor parking or outdoor ones. Parking tiles need to be extremely strong and durable enough to withstand heavy vehicle loads and regular foot traffic. If choosing tiles for outdoor parking, you need to look for an additional feature, which is the tile’s ability to withstand constant exposure to sunlight and other harsh weather conditions. 

Selecting The Right Design for Every Space

Due to the different types of tiles available in the market and the wide variety of designs, it might be quite difficult to choose the perfect tiles for every part of your home. To make the right choice, it is advisable to decide on the type, color, and finish of tiles beforehand. By doing this, you will be able to filter out the most suitable options and choose the right design. You can consider the tiles’ collection at H&R Johnson, which is one of the most trusted brands for indoor and outdoor tile. 

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