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The Ultimate Guide to Parking Floor Tiles: Types & Materials

The Ultimate Guide to Parking Floor Tiles: Types & Materials

The Ultimate Guide to Parking Floor Tiles: Types & Materials

Be it a personal parking space or an industrial one, selecting the right tiles for the parking area has always been a difficult task. Sometimes your parking space is the first impression of your house as this is what visitors get to see before entering your home. Therefore, you can’t just ignore its overall appearance as it matters as much as the other parts of your house. The same goes for industrial spaces as well. However, design is not the only thing to consider.

In order to ensure long-term durability, it is essential to choose the best quality tiles for your parking area. Even in the parking tiles, you can find various material options based on which, these tiles are categorized into different types. Let us help you understand all about parking floor tile materials and how you can choose the right one for your parking space:

Types of Parking Tiles

There are four main types of parking floor tiles as listed below:

1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles or glazed vitrified tiles are highly durable as these are prepared by compressing the building materials under extremely high temperatures. These have a very low porosity, which makes them sturdy and resistant to stains & scratches. With a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent, porcelain tiles become a great choice for almost every climatic condition. All these properties make porcelain tiles perfect for outdoor as well as indoor parking areas. These are available in a wide variety of designs, finishes, and patterns. 

2. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are also a great choice for parking floors. These are made using sand, water, and cement. All these elements are molded under high pressure and heat to make the tiles extremely strong. Concrete tiles are among the most widely parking floor tiles. These are available in a wide range of designs, finishes, and patterns. Based on the overall aesthetics of your parking space and your design preferences, you can always find a suitable design in concrete tiles.

3. Interlocking Tiles

As the name suggests, interlocking tiles lock each other in such a way that they form a floating floor. The tiles are not actually glued to the floor but are just interlocked over a flat surface. These types of parking floor tiles are suitable for temporary parking areas or parking spaces that need modifications very often. You can even change the entire look of your parking area every few months by laying these tiles in different patterns every time. Interlocking parking tiles are generally available in plain solid colors that can be used to create several designs and patterns. 

4. Natural Stone Tiles

Parking tiles made up of marble, granite, or other natural stones are also quite popular. Though these are not as durable as porcelain or concrete tiles, many individuals still prefer them due to their aesthetic appeal. These tiles are resistant to extreme weather conditions, but not very good at avoiding easy wear and tear. Also, stone tiles are less resistant to stains and scratches, which makes them hard to clean and maintain. However, if aesthetics are your priority, you can go for these parking tiles. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Parking Floor Tiles

Choosing any random tiles for your parking space is never a good idea. You should make your final decision only after taking a few important factors into consideration. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Material Quality

The strength and overall quality of parking tiles should be the first parameter you check when looking at different options available in the market. Your decision should also depend on whether you want tiles for your house parking area or industrial parking. Though natural materials like quartzite and granite are very strong, these might not be available at every location. Therefore, full-body vitrified tiles are great alternatives to consider. Full-body vitrified tiles with a thickness of 10 mm and surface hardness greater than 7 (on the MOH scale) are ideal for parking areas.

2. Anti-Slip Property

Tiles with a glossy and smooth surface do look better, but you will definitely not like to make your vehicle slip in the parking area. Therefore, it is recommended to go for highly gripped tiles for your parking space. Natural materials like granite are highly durable, but these are not as slip-resistant as full-body vitrified tiles that are specially designed for parking spaces. You must check H&R Johnson’s Endura collection which contains several design options in anti-slip floor tiles. 

3. Design and Pattern

When it comes to the designs and patterns in parking floor tiles, the variety of options also depends on your choice of material. For example, natural materials like Granite will not give you so many design options. However, if you go for full-body vitrified tiles, you get to choose from a wide range of options. Interlocking pattern tiles may be suitable for outdoor parking spaces, but it is advised to go for a more long-lasting option when it comes to interior parking. You can also consider Johnson’s industrial parking tiles, which have safety markings and a very good grip.

Make Your Decision Wisely

Your research shouldn’t end once you decide on the material, design, and pattern of parking tiles. You need to do further research about various brands offering the best quality parking floor tiles in the market. Look for their material quality, durability, overall designs, prices, etc, before making your final choice. Just make sure that you don’t overlook quality while getting overwhelmed with other features like price, designs, etc.

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