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New Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas and Trends for 2023

New Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas and Trends for 2023

New Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas and Trends for 2023

The kitchen makes the heart of your house and you would definitely want to give it the best look possible. To make your overall house look modern and updated with the latest design standards, you also need to focus on the looks of your kitchen. The more organized and beautiful a kitchen is, the better it feels to the user.  If you are planning to renovate your old kitchen or you are designing a new one, selecting the right tiles for your kitchen walls might be challenging. As there are so many designs and pattern options available in the market, it is common to get overwhelmed and not be able to make a choice. To help you out, we have listed some most trending and new kitchen tile design ideas that you can consider in 2023:

1. A Subtle Look With Subway Tiles

Subway Tile designs never go out of style. You can achieve a clean minimalist look using plain subway tiles with contrast color grout. Whether you want a modern look or a traditional-style kitchen, subway-style kitchen tiles make your kitchen look exactly as you want. If your kitchen has access to direct sunlight, you can choose light-colored subway tiles. 

For example, you can go for plain white subway tiles that reflect the sunlight and improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. The best thing about subway tiles is that you can make different patterns using them. Based on the theme you have decided on for your kitchen, you can select a pattern that goes well and complements it. 

2. A Bold Look With Geometric Pattern Tiles

Not everyone loves a subtle look with a minimal design. If you are also one of them and prefer a unique bold look, the geometric pattern kitchen tiles would be the perfect option for your kitchen. You can create a focal point on the backsplash of your kitchen by adding an element of geometric patterns to it. It just makes your kitchen look ‘wow.’ You can find plenty of designs and colors in the geometric pattern tiles. Just select your favorite geometrical shape and play with the tile designs to give your kitchen an eye-catching appearance.

3. The Countersplash Kitchen Wall

If you love experimenting, you will love the idea of a counter-splash trend. You can simply use the same large-sized tile on the kitchen backsplash that you have used on the countertop. It adds a sense of continuity to your kitchen and makes it look cleaner. Moreover, there is no doubt that a counter splash design will give your kitchen a unique and ultra-modern appearance.

If this seems a considerable option to you, you must check the Glazed Vitrified Countertops Collection at H&R Johnson. They probably have the best designs and material quality available in large-sized GVTs that are perfect to use for kitchen countertops and backsplash walls.

4. An Artistic Theme With Bold Pattern Tiles

For people obsessed with artistic themes, there are various artistic look kitchen wall tile designs available in the market. From floral prints to mosaic patterns and rustic look tiles with artistic prints, you would be amazed to see how fantastic these tiles appear. You can give a classic yet most modern and elegant appearance to your kitchen by using these art-look tiles on the backsplash wall and placing matching plane tiles on the other walls. The artistic theme is among the most popular kitchen design trends these days. Therefore, if you want to keep up with modern standards, this can make you achieve your goal.

5. An Elegant Look With Wooden Look Tiles

Wooden look tiles have always been in trend and we can expect them to remain trendy for several more decades. These look elegant and complement every style and theme. If you just can’t find out what to choose for your kitchen walls, you can simply go for wooden look tiles. These tiles are also available in different shades, designs, and finishes. No matter what the theme of your house is, wooden finish tiles are never going to disappoint you as these are suitable for almost every type of interior. 

How To Make The Final Choice?

If you have decided on the theme of your kitchen and the type of tiles you are going to use, you have already made your decision much easier. However, design should not be the only factor you consider while selecting tiles for your kitchen walls. You can look for all new kitchen tiles designs in the market and compare them based on their material quality, customer review, prices, overall look, etc. Try to purchase from a trusted brand that offers fine quality along with great designs. You can go with H&R Johnson or other popular tile manufacturers that are known for the quality of their products.

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