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List of Bathroom Fittings for Modern Homes

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List of Bathroom Fittings for Modern Homes

In this era where the design and overall aesthetics of one’s house are considered a reflection of their personality, everyone wants to have a modern home with the best interior. The design and functionality of your bathroom are also as important as the look of other rooms in your house.

To make sure that your bathroom appears up to date with modern standards and gives you a luxurious feel, it is essential to add the necessary bathroom fittings and accessories to it. Here is a list of some most important modern bathroom fittings to consider:

1. Mixer Faucets

A mixer faucet is a type of tap used in bathrooms, which allows hot as well as cold water to come out of the same spout. You can find single-handed and double-handed mixer taps in the market. The single-lever mixer taps have only one handle to control hot as well as cold water.

On the other hand, double-lever mixer taps have two handles, one for hot water and one for cold water. However, there is only one spout in both cases. The single-lever basin mixer is one of the most popular choices for wash basins in Indian Bathrooms.

2. Overhead Shower

When it comes to modern bathroom fittings, you can not ignore an overhead shower. Bathroom showers are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and shapes along with different features. Depending on the size and overall style of your bathroom, you can choose a suitable overhead shower for your bathroom.

Showerheads can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can go for a large overhead rain shower. However, if your bathroom is tiny and you want to save valuable space, it is advisable to select a wall-mounted shower. For a modern and luxurious look, you must check out Johnson’s Optima range of showers.

3. Sensor Taps

Sensor taps add a sense of extra luxury along with ensuring proper hygiene in your bathroom. These taps are designed using modern technology that enables them to automatically allow the flow of water just by detecting your hand movements. As soon as you take your hands near the tap, the water automatically comes out and once your hand goes beyond a certain distance, the water flow stops. Along with their modern design, sensor taps become a must-consider option due to their hygienic factor and less water wastage.

4. Floor Drain

A floor drain is an essential fitting to install in your bathroom so that the excess water doesn’t cause a flood in your bathroom. The floor drain allows the water to drain out to the main sewer. Stainless steel floor drains are considered the best in quality. You can install one under your wash basin area and another near the shower. Make sure that you go for a good quality floor drain that is well-designed and is also easy to clean.

5. Health Faucet

A health faucet is a must-have toilet fitting that is installed near the toilet seat. Health faucets are a better and more eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. You can ensure proper sanitation and hygiene by installing a health faucet in your bathroom.

Along with the self-sanitation, you can use the health faucet to clean the dirty corners of your bathroom. Health faucets also come in different designs and pressure control options. You can easily find a suitable option as per your requirements. Also, make sure to purchase a good quality faucet holder along with the health faucet.

6. Hand Shower

To complete the look of your shower area, a hand shower also becomes a necessary bath accessory to purchase. A hand shower allows you to control the direction of water flow and avoid water wastage. You can install it near the bathtub or near the overhead shower to make your bathing experience more comfortable and relaxing. The top bath fitting manufacturers offer various designs and material options in hand showers. You can choose one that goes well with your shower area and is comfortable to use.

7. Bathroom Accessories

Along with all the bathroom fittings and fixtures, the bathroom accessories such as freestanding 1600 bathtub play an important role in the functionality of your bath space. Some essential bath accessories include soap dispensers, towel rings, soap dishes, tumbler holders, robe hooks, bathroom mirrors, storage vanities, bathroom shelves, etc.

Top brands like Johnson Bathrooms offer all these bath accessories in super fine quality and at reasonable prices. You can check out their collection of bath accessories and make your bathroom more comfortable to use by adding these accessories.

Elevate Your Experience With These Bathroom Fittings

When designing a new bathroom or transforming an existing one, one of your primary goals might be to give it a modern look. For this, you need to select the right bathroom fittings that suit your bathroom’s interior and complement the other elements present in your bath space. However, considering the quality and durability of the bath fittings is also equally important. Before purchasing bath fittings from any brand, make sure to check for its quality and customer reviews.

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