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Gang Beasts – Is It Cross-platform In 2023

is gang beasts cross platform

Gang Beasts – Is It Cross-platform In 2023

Gang Beasts is a party game developed by Boneloaf that gives you endless hours of entertainment. The game wasn’t expected to get as much success as it actually got and the main reason behind it is the adorable and colorful characters in many hazardous environments are fun to play. 

It is more general that whenever any multiplayer gaming becomes more popular, gamers start seeking cross-platform compatibility as it has become a necessary feature for any modern gaming. As the world is becoming more technological then the demand for playing games is also modernizing. In multiplayer games, if there is a cross-platform barrier, it means you can’t play with those who use some other platform to play. In this article we are going to break this query- is gang beasts cross platform? Let’s move forward together to see it.

Cross Platform Status of Gang Beasts

If we talk about the latest status, or cross-platform status of gang beasts in 2023, then the answer is yes it does support. Now players on different platforms could be able to play together and enjoy the game. However, there is a limitation in this as cross-platform is available only in some platforms and not all. In further sections, we will see on which platforms there is cross-platform compatibility so that you can connect to play with those friends.

See the list of platforms that allow you to play Gang Beasts in 2023:

  • Windows OC, 
  • Xbox One, Xbox X/S
  • PS4, PS5
  • Nintendo Switch

Although this is not the answer to your query- is Gang Beast cross-platform, let’s move forward and see separately the compatibility.

Is Gang Beast Cross-platform Between PC and Xbox One or x/s?

Cross-platform between Xbox One and PC is allowed only if you are using Windows as Microsoft allows it. Otherwise, it is not allowed between these two devices if using Linux or any other OS. These days, for playing games on PC, most gamers use Windows as their operating system instead of others like Linux or MAC. So we can say this compatibility for cross-platform is possible. You are allowed to freely play with your friend on PC and Xbox One, x/s. Steam versions are still not allowed to cross-platform.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-platform Between Xbox and Steam Players?

The game was meant to be developed to play on Windows and Xbox devices. Steam users are still far away and recently there has been no update of that. Steam platforms share different ecosystems from other gaming platforms. So it could be hard for any game to provide cross-platform between these two different environments.

Is Gang Beast Cross-platform Between PC and PS4?

PlayStation platforms have some compatibility restrictions that don’t allow it to cross-platform with PC users. It means you can’t play with your friends who are playing Gang Beasts on PlayStation.

How to Invite Someone to Gang Beasts Cross-play?

As of now, it is clear that cross-platform for gang beasts is only allowed between Windows and Xbox devices. Other devices have to stay on the same platform to play in multiplayer mode.

Inviting your friends from different platforms to play is as simple as inviting from similar platforms. Select your character and press the custom button for your platform. This action will take you to the lobby where you can invite friends from different platforms to play gang beasts with you.

Summing up

Gang Beasts provides a cross-platform between Windows and Xbox users, others can play on the same platform in multiplayer mode. Steam users are playing on a different ecosystem so they can’t collaborate with other gaming devices like PC, Xbox, etc. 

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