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How to Draw A Bubble Letter R Easily

Draw A Bubble Letter R

How to Draw A Bubble Letter R Easily

How to Draw A Bubble Letter R. The letter R is one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. It’s also odd in that the lowercase and uppercase versions of the letter are very different from each other.

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This can be a bit of a headache for people learning to write for the first time, but since we use it so often, it’s definitely worth it!

You can probably write R with no problem, but this guide is based on how to draw the bubble letter R. This way you can use it to create all sorts of cool designs!

We’ll walk you through the process in a fun and easy way, and then you can add some of your own fun details and ideas to make it complete.

How to Draw A Bubble Letter R

Step 1

When we create a bubble version of a letter, we usually draw it with a pencil first. This isn’t always necessary with simpler letters, but R is complicated enough that we highly recommend it.

In this case it is best to use a pencil as you can erase it afterwards. Just draw a regular R shape with your pencil and you can build the bubble letter around it.

Now we can draw the actual first line of the letter. This first line forms the left edge of the letter.

Just draw a vertical line with a slight curve. There is a slightly sharper curve at the top of the line, as shown in our reference image.

Try to make the line as smooth and rounded as possible! Then we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Now let’s add the rounded section on the right side of a capital R. This extends straight from the curved part at the top of the line of the last rung.

The line runs fairly sharply around the middle of the letter and then down. Do your best to match our reference image as best as possible!

Notice the gap in the middle as we will be adding more sections to this gap in the next few steps.

With this part drawn, we’re ready for step 3 of the tutorial, so let’s continue.

Step 3

The next part of your bubble letter R looks a bit like the letter is sticking out of a leg. It will connect directly to the rounded line we drew in the previous step.

In our reference image you can see that it is a shape drawn with a curved line that makes a sharp turn at the end and then back to the middle of the letter R.

It might not look very much like an R at the moment, but if you picture it on a regular R you’ll see where it goes!

We have one more field to fill in to complete the pattern, and that’s what we’ll do in the next step.

Step 4

Now we can complete the outline by adding two more lines to the image. The first of these will be a very small curved line where the previous one ended.

This smaller line will be used to separate the two “legs” of the letter. This second leg will be drawn with a slightly curved line connecting the gap we have now.

With that, you have your complete schematic for your R! We’re not done yet, but now it’s safe to erase any pencil lines you used for the outline.

Be careful when erasing as you may accidentally smudge or erase the last few lines of the letter.

Next we add the hole in the middle of the R in step five of the pattern.

Step 5

In the previous step we said that we will draw the hole with the letter R and we will keep this promise!

If we drew a perfectly rounded shape for the hole, it would look less like a bubble letter and more like a flat shape on one side.

We want to avoid that, so we use a special shape for the hole. It’s shaped like a letter D with a small line sticking out from the top left corner.

You can refer to the reference image to ensure it is positioned and shaped correctly. Now you can see the bubble with the letter R in all its glory!

The shape and design can be finished, but we are not finished yet. The next step is to complete the bubble effect with some small details.

Step 6

The letter R we drew will of course lie flat on its side, but with a few simple touches we can create the illusion that it’s made out of a bubble or balloon.

The first way to do this is to draw some reflective dots on the letters. We added one in the top left corner and one near the middle of the letter.

They are aligned to suggest a single light source shining on the letters. Next we add some lines in the letters near the outlines.

These lines give the impression that the letter is filled with air pushing against the material the letter is made of.

It’s a simple touch, but it really helps add depth and volume to the letter, even when it’s flat on its page.

Feel free to add more of these lines elsewhere as well! You can also add other fun details to the design or draw elements around it to make it more unique.

When you’re ready, let’s move on to the last phase where we color your creation.

Step 7

Now that all the trickiest parts of this drawing are done, let’s have fun coloring it! This is a step where we want you to be free to let your creativity flow.

In the previous steps we recommended following the guide carefully, but here we think you should try some of your own tips and ideas.

For our example, we chose a nice dark blue color scheme for the letter. However, instead of just using one shade, we made it lighter and darker depending on the letter section.

You will see that the colors are lighter where the light reflects off the letter and darker elsewhere. This is an effect you can reproduce no matter what colors you use.

It will be the final look that makes this letter look more like a bubble and it can make a big difference!

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one color. Instead, you could add a rainbow of colors and incorporate different painting tools and techniques.

This is your chance to show what you can do. So make sure you have fun and see what happens!

Your Bubble Letter R Drawing is Finished!

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