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How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

Hello everyone; Have you ever noticed those WhatsApp green ticks next to some WhatsApp account.? They are the sign of trustworthiness and authentication. You must be thinking how to get one for your own WhatsApp account and if you are then you are at the right place. I’ll tell you a step-by-step guide on how to apply for green tick verification on WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp green tick verification batch shows that your account is all genuine and there is no sign of fakeness, whether you are a brand, a public figure, or simply someone who wants to get verified. If you are confused about the process of applying for WhatsApp green tick then no worries. I’ll guide you through every detail you need to know about how to get green tick on WhatsApp

What is the WhatsApp green tick verification badge?

WhatsApp green tick verification is considered a verification mark that represents authenticity, and trustworthiness and allows users to identify the official genuine WhatsApp verified accounts.

 WhatsApp green tick verification increases credibility and makes sure that the users are communicating with a real brand. This verification also helps in creating goodwill and a great reputation for the brand. WhatsApp green tick verification is considered a serious process because it safeguards the user from spam and fraudulent WhatsApp business account

This badge is generally used to identify real brands, companies,  celebrities, and known personalities to authenticate real identity. 

 Now you must have understood the meaning of the WhatsApp green tick verification badge, let’s dive into the process of applying for the whatsApp green tick verification badge. 

How to apply for WhatsApp green tick verification? 

You can apply for WhatsApp green tick verification in two ways, either by the META business manager or with the help of a business solution provider, That stands up to your business needs and requirements.  

  1. Green tick verification via Meta business manager. 

There is a procedure that needs to be followed before applying to the application of WhatsApp green tick verification.

Step 1: Verify the eligibility-

. Before you begin with verification that you meet the eligibility criteria for the WhatsApp verification process,

  1. Business or entity:

       Firstly WhatsApp verifies that it is a business, brand, public figure and notable

        organization and you will be considered eligible if you are under any of these categories.

b )  Complete profile:

      Before applying for verification, make sure your WhatsApp profile is fully set up with a recognisable profile. Picture, detailed description, and accurate contact information 

Step 2: Access WhatsApp Business

If you are not using WhatsApp Business, you can download and install the app from your device’s app store. This is the version of WhatsApp that is used for business purposes mainly and includes a verification option. 

Step 3: Setting up an account 

  1. Launch WhatsApp business and then click settings.
  2. Click on business settings and then select verification.
  3. Enter your exact business name as it will appear on another official platform


Step 4: Verification process.

  1. Choose the verification method, Whether call or text, WhatsApp will send the verification code to that provided phone number.
  1. Enter the sent verification code sent to the provided phone number and verify the phone number.

Step 5: Complete the verification process.

  1. Fill in your business details like category, address, description, business type and all other necessary details. Keep it short and fully informative. 
  2. Add a profile picture that represents your business or entity. 

Step 6: Wait for verification.

When you are done with the information, apply and WhatsApp will review the application. This is a time-consuming procedure.

2. Green tick verification via Business solution provider. 

If you are using WhatsApp business API, you can get assistance from your business solution provider for green tick verification on your WhatsApp  Business account. 

Different verification processes are depending on the type of business solution you choose. so you should choose your business solution provider directly and get details of all the further business procedures. Business solution providers ask for the following things before applying for the following procedure.  

  1. A screenshot of your verified Meta Business manager. 
  2. URL address of the business website. 
  3. Facebook ID
  4. Name of business in another language if there is any. 
  5. URL of Facebook page 
  6. WhatsApp phone number. 

The business solution provider will apply on your behalf and the whole process of application will take up to 3 weeks. 

What if your application gets rejected?

If your application for WhatsApp green tick verification gets rejected that means that WhatsApp has determined your application and you do not stand on the criteria of verification at that time.WhatsApp verifies those accounts that are authentic and stand up to certain criteria given by WhatsApp.

There can be some possible reasons why your account might get rejected for WhatsApp green tick verification. 

  1. Inexact or faulty information-

WhatsApp can reject your application if there is insufficient or inaccurate information given, during the time of verification. So make sure you provide proper and accurate information to the WhatsApp META manager. 

  1. Insufficient extraordinariness-

WhatsApp only verifies an account if it has notability. WhatsApp usually verifies accounts of celebrities, known brands, and other notable entities. Your application might get rejected if your application doesn’t fall under these criteria. 

  1. Authenticity concerts-

WhatsApp only verifies those accounts that are considered as authentic. If there are any concerns about the account of a particular brand, business or person, then the application might get rejected.

  1. Restricted availability-

WhatsApp has limited green tick verification badges. WhatsApp may reject your verification application even if you are eligible, because of its restricted availability. 

  1. Change in criteria-

WhatsApp verification criteria may change over time, you might be eligible during the process of verification but can get rejected because of a change in verification criteria if you don’t stand up to the criteria of the changed verification. 

  1. Violation of WhatsApp terms and policies-

There are chances that your application might get rejected because of a violation of the terms and policies of WhatsApp. 


In Conclusion, getting WhatsApp Greentick verification badge authenticity and trustworthiness. This badge increases the credibility of brands, celebrities, and other public figures. It ensures that the user uses genuine accounts. One can apply for WhatsApp green tick verification using Meta business manager or Business solution providers. With the help of Meta Business Manager, one can ensure eligibility, set up a WhatsApp business account provide accurate information, and wait for review. Alternatively, if using WhatsApp Business API, collaborate with a business solution provider, providing the required details for a 3-week application process. Rejection reasons include inaccurate data, lack of notability, authenticity concerns, restricted availability, changing criteria, or policy violations.

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