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EPTZ webcam

EPTZ webcam

Explore EPTZ Webcams & EPTZ cameras at PTZOptics. EPTZ video cameras with two unique SDI outputs and 4K video output for church streaming, wide and tight camera views for high-quality video production.

In the dynamic world of video production and live streaming, the demand for high-quality and versatile cameras has never been greater. Enter the world of EPTZ (Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom) video cameras offered by PTZOptics, revolutionizing the way we capture and stream content.

EPTZ cameras boast two unique SDI outputs and an impressive 4K video output, making them ideal for various applications, including church streaming and professional video production. With their electronic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, users can achieve both wide-angle and tight shots without physically moving the camera, resulting in seamless and professional-looking content.

Church streaming, in particular, benefits greatly from EPTZ cameras. These cameras allow capturing different angles of the church service without disturbing the sanctity of the space or distracting the congregation. From wide shots that encompass the entire worship area to close-ups of the pulpit or performers, EPTZ cameras enhance the overall streaming experience for remote viewers.

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