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How to draw a Pikachu

How to draw a Pikachu

How to draw a Pikachu

How to draw Pikachu Pokémon seems to have conquered the world! Since 1996, Pokemon has overpowered media through PC games, TV series, films, toys, and anything you can envision. If you ask anyone what Pokémon rings a bell, many will speedily think about Pikachu. There are various popular Pokemon. Notwithstanding, the adorable Pikachu is the most undeniable, filling in as the mascot for the entire series. Look at the Superb drawing my Exceptionally COOL nephew made for me!! He is so gifted. If you are looking for drawing ideas, cool drawings, cute drawings,dragon drawing easy drawing for kids, cartoon drawings, girl drawing, 3d drawing and many more, then you are at the right place, here you will get all of these drawings.

Stage 1:

We will start with its head to start sorting out some way to draw Pikachu. You can draw in a circle light pencil as a helper in the event that you really want more courses. Then, we’ll start his head using three lines. The line at the most elevated mark of her head will be imperceptibly bowed, while the two on the sides will be a touch wavier. At the point when it is the reference picture, we can go on toward stage 2!


Pikachu has unquestionably sharp ears, and we’ll add them for this ensuing stage in your Pikachu drawing. To incorporate her ears, you can include bowed lines that end in a spot, as tracked down in the photo.

Stage 3:

Since you have your Pikachu arrangement’s head and ears, you can add its arms and body. Like the underlying step, you can use a light pencil to draw an oval shape under his head to help you get his body scale right. Starting with her arms, you can add an imperceptibly bowed line underneath her head. Then, at that point, add two or three bits for his fingers. You can finish his arm with an alternate line down to his body.

Stage 4:

You can add its feet to the accompanying stage in our helper on the most capable strategy to draw Pikachu. Pikachu’s feet are small and close to his body, with next to no legs between them and his body. You can include two bowed lines for each foot of your Pikachu setup, then add a line for its lower body.

Stage 5:

One more piece of Pikachu that makes him so popular is his lightning bolt tail. This means that he has the power of force, and we will add him to your Pikachu plan now. Its tail could take preparation to get the shape right, so you can practice on another piece of paper before drawing on your Pikachu. It includes two or three straight and flighty lines to approach the condition of its tail. Whenever you’ve added his tail, you can use two short lines near the most elevated place of his ears because the tips of his ears will be a surprising assortment contrasted with his different ears.

Stage 6:

For this penultimate step of our guide on the ideal way to draw Pikachu, we’ll add a face and a few last nuances. For his eyes, he has two little circles extremely far isolated everywhere. You can then draw in a little circle everybody to show a flash in his eye. Its mouth involves two bowed lines, with a long shape under them to show its mouth is open.

Stage 7:

With these last nuances, you have successfully drawn Pikachu! Your Pikachu drawing isn’t precisely finished now, and you can have a few great times reviving it with two or three assortments. Pikachu is a marvelously shaded character, including vivacious yellows, tans, and great reds for his cheeks. We’ve shown you her typical concealing in our picture, so you can follow that for accuracy or get creative with your range of choices

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