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Dragon Names: Famous, Mythical, Fire, Ice, D&D + More

Dragon Names

Dragon Names: Famous, Mythical, Fire, Ice, D&D + More

Dragons are not new to us as they enchanted us from ancient myths to the latest fabulous TV shows like “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Games of Thrones” and many more. Dragons are appealing universally due to their fire breath and beautiful glowing scales and are among the boldest and most daring creatures in the universe.   

When moving to the gaming world, why pick the old and common name for your picked dragon characters, as tons of cool and unique dragon names are available on the web?

Whether you are looking to name your dragon your own or featuring with the mythological fantasy character. We have scored a list of cool dragon names that are so spirited and serpentine that you will just adore them. 

To take a sneak peek at the fierce and fiery names of dragons that mean dragon, just have a look at the post and you will have enough ideas to name your fantasy creature. 

Famous Dragon Names

Here is a list of some famous names for dragons with meaning

  • Apalala:   It is a kind of Water dragon that converts to Buddhist doctrine later.
  • Anbraxas:    Is taken from Persian Mythology.
  • Apep:   The famous dragon in the Egyptian Mythology.
  • Apsu: The name is taken from Babylonian Mythology.
  • Arman:    After the dragon in the 2015 film He’s a Dragon.
  •  Falkor:  This dragon’s name comes from the dragon in The Neverending Story.
  • Dagahra:   From the Japanese film Rebirth of Mothra II.
  • Saphira:   The name is taken form the Dragon book Eragon.
  • Daenerys – From George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels, Daenerys means Lady of Light or Lady of Hope; Daenerys is the mother of dragons.
  • Cayenne – French for hot spice- an ironic name for an ice dragon!
  • Jade – Green gemstone for the Jade Sea, where dragons originated
  • Kaida – Japanese for little dragon
  • Virve – Estonian for shimmer
  • Cortina – the most beautiful Italian ski resort
  • Toothless:    After the lovable dark dragon with celery green eyes in How to Train Your Dragon.

Male Ice Dragon Names

Naming your Male Ice dragon can be pretty challenging as it deserves a name that depicts a spotted-wing dragon. Here are soem male ice dragon names

  • Elliot –From the beloved classic story of Pete’s Dragon
  • Blackcomb – It is inspired by Canada’s Whistler Blackcomb, where you can go snow skiing year-round – perfect for your ice dragon companion!
  • Ferus –  the wild dragon who cannot be tamed
  • Kalecgos – Kalecgos as a mortal is half-human, half-elf, but as a dragon, he is a blue dragon
  • Drakonoid – inspired by Hearthstone’s Drakonid Operative green dragon from the league of explorers.
  • Ryuu – Japanese for dragon
  • Tatsuhiro – Japanese dragon with immense power
  • Draco – Italian for dragon

Cool Dragon Names

Here are cool names for a dragon,

  • Irefanas
  • Sárkány.
  • Vikkiea
  • Hedwig
  • Asphodel
  • Reirsyphys, The Tender
  • Jisani
  • Cambria
  • Baedairaerth, The Young One
  • Yuioka
  • Niutaa
  • Tiesurraelth, The Stubborn
  • Zuudea
  • Uweaas
  • Guliana
  • Mumraa
  • Nisuyaa
  • Sharine
  • Ytraa

Take a plunge into the ocean of the best and most famous dragon names that you may love while naming your Dragon Character. 

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