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Dating tips: 13 rules for the perfect date | Seeking discount code

seeking discount code

Dating tips: 13 rules for the perfect date | Seeking discount code

Finding new love is one of the top ten resolutions. But now it is not more difficult for you because seeking arrangement is here now as a great and the best dating website in the US for every age of people so that you can attract your soulmate towards you easily just with 1 click. It also provides seeking discount code when you click for an upgrade account to get unlimited fun activities.

Only 13% of women don’t dare to attract the attention of a cute guy 

Table of Content

  • Rule 1: Expand the loot scheme
  • RULE 2: Scan your circle of friends
  • RULE 3: Surf Confidently
  • RULE 4: Don’t wait for a date
  • RULE 5: Don’t make yourself small under any circumstances
  • RULE 6: Be easy to get
  • RULE 7: Have sex on the first date
  • RULE 8: Argue as soon as possible
  • RULE 9: Don’t compromise
  • RULE 10: Just listen to your gut
  • RULE 11: Treat dating as a full-time job
  • RULE 12: Turn off the biological clock
  • RULE 13: Don’t just rely on one guy

Are you currently scanning the singles market? Then here you will find the most important new dos and don’ts when looking for a partner – especially for strong and successful women. For example, would you have thought that you should get into trouble with a guy as quickly as possible? Or do you know what scientists mean by neutralizing deviant gender behavior and why you should avoid it as much as possible? Cosmo has put together 13 dating rules you should know.

Rule 1: Expand the loot scheme

When you see a seeking arrangement, anyone who is successful at work and has their life well under control in other ways doesn’t want a partner who is just starting their third degree, drives a scooter instead of a car, and can only afford camping holidays. But experts now also say that a relationship between an alpha woman and an alpha man cannot work out. This usually ends in an unpleasant power struggle, says New York psychologist Sonya Rhodes, for example. In her current book “The Alpha Woman and Love” (Goldmann Verlag) she wants to make the Beta man appealing to us – or at least a compromise between the two. For most women, a man is either aggressive, irresponsible, and sexy or sensitive, reliable, and lousy in bed, says Rhodes. However, strong single ladies would have to say goodbye to this black-and-white division to find the right partner. In other words, someone who doesn’t get a complex when they see your paycheck doesn’t call you jealously on business trips, and at some point might even be willing to look after the offspring while mom goes to the office.

RULE 2: Scan your circle of friends | Seeking discount code

As we all know, good things are often so close. Nevertheless, we are more likely to look for attractive strangers on the Internet or in the club than to give the nice guy from the clique a chance for something more. It’s a shame, many scientists now say. Singles advisor Christian Thiel therefore even advocates hooking up: Unfortunately, this is frowned upon in our country, but it is one of the most effective options to get to know someone. How do you tell whether your friend from school or your acquaintance from the tennis club is a guy to fall in love with? Firstly: Do something different than usual. Cinema instead of the local pub, cooking together instead of playing sports. Second: keep to yourself. Get together as a couple instead of with the whole gang or half of the tennis club. Bet you will discover completely new sides. Enjoy dating at seeking arrangement with an unforgettable experience and have seeking arrangement promo code while using our website Seeking arrangement.

RULE 3: Surf confidently

Almost every single person does it (or at least has tried it). And everyone you meet there does it anyway: look for new love on dating websites. Nevertheless, power women in particular find it somehow uncomfortable to get to know men in this way. Hey, I’m getting everything in my life together! Why does finding a partner “only” work online?!?! Psychologist Sonya Rhodes advises you to stop this thought game: “Don’t spend hours talking about how strange it is for you to write about yourself on a dating platform.” This makes you feel small and makes you appear anything but tough – and somehow insults the other person. After all, he’s doing the same thing as you: he’s hoping to fall in love again via the Internet.

RULE 4: Don’t wait for a date

“We live in a post-dating world,” claims US author Jessica Massa ( “The Gaggle: How the guys you know will help you find the love you want” ). If you wait for a man to officially ask you out, you are missing out on thousands of other opportunities to make new acquaintances. At Seeking Arrangement, a flirt in the queue in front of the supermarket checkout could turn into a kind of date, as could a work appointment, at the bus stop, or a supposedly boring parents’ evening at kindergarten. So be open to everything and ready to switch to “look deep into my eyes” mode at any time. However, that also means: It’s better not to drag yourself to the bakery in sweatpants on Saturday morning. And putting on a little blush when you take the dog for a walk is also a good idea – you never know.

RULE 5: Don’t make yourself small under any circumstances

Scientists call the phenomenon “neutralization of deviant gender behavior” when women who do not conform to the classic role model do everything they can to not seem threatening to the world of men. A successful woman often takes on a lot of household work in addition to the stress of her job, explains Sonya Rhodes. To signal to my partner: Although I earn more than you, I am still, first and foremost, a good housewife. The expert thinks: That’s not possible! From the first meeting onwards: Don’t make yourself smaller than you are. A guy who says away from your salary range and is looking for a woman who will cook for him every evening and won’t order sushi after work is just not for you. enjoy the best-seeking arrangement promo code and seeking discount code at the seeking arrangement website.

RULE 6: Be easy to get

Also know these dating laws: Never be the first to reach out. And when he answers, let him wait for three days (at least!) before calling him back. From now on you can safely forget all about it! Tough women in particular are often afraid of taking the next step, says psychologist Rhodes. Tell him that you like him. Ask him if you don’t want to see each other more often. Rather not. But if both partners think like that, an affair never reaches the next level. So if you notice that he feels the same way as you, then take a step towards him. After all, we live in 2023. Always leaving the initiative to the man is outdated – and also not very well received.

RULE 7: Have sex on the first date

If you get laid on the first evening, you immediately give the man what he wants – and are then no longer considered for a relationship? Incorrect! Even in prudish America, it is increasingly said: If you feel comfortable with each other and want each other, there is no reason why the first date (or second) should end in bed. A powerful argument for hurrying up when it comes to sex: This way you can find out right away whether the guy can please you well and whether it’s worth investing even more time and even more feelings. Because – let’s be honest – how frustrating would it be to find out after three months of dating that you’re not compatible in bed?

RULE 8: Argue as soon as possible

Dealing with conflicts is not so easy for you. Right? “Alpha types are used to leading and making decisions – and that’s generally a positive trait,” explains Sonya Rhodes. The expert’s tip is therefore: To test as early as possible whether the two of you can argue with each other. Or at least whether they can constructively discuss differences of opinion with each other.

RULE 9: Don’t compromise

If you are a single woman over 30, you have probably heard this sentence at least once: “It’s clear that you haven’t found anyone yet. Your expectations are way too high!” So ​​scale down your dream man ideas? Don’t! “Most people still have too low expectations when looking for a partner and are then surprised at the defeats they suffer in love,” says singles advisor Christian Thiel. So as soon as you notice that something isn’t quite right: tell your date. In most cases, further meetings, because he is still so nice and personable, are not worth it.

RULE 10: Just listen to your gut

Of course, the longer you are single, then show up at the seeking arrangement website and have seeking discount code to enjoy, the more important and larger your circle of friends and acquaintances becomes. There are the girls from the gym with whom you go for a drink after your yoga class. There’s the party clique with whom you go around the house (almost) every weekend and the best gay friend who’s available for every shopping marathon. And should all of these people like your new one? Realize that this doesn’t work – and it doesn’t have to. After all, only you have to fall in love with him. If you’re still so insecure about the guy that you seem to need your friends’ blessing, there’s probably no point in the whole thing anyway.

RULE 11: Treat dating as a full-time job

Thanks to smartphones and the like, we can now be reached around the clock – at work and privately. Everyone knows this and everyone therefore assumes that their messages will be read immediately and answered as quickly as possible. Someone writes to you on a dating website and you don’t respond for four days? This is usually too late. The other person assumes that you are simply not interested in him – and in the meantime, he has probably already contacted five other women whose profiles he likes. Or what would you think if you sent your lover a WhatsApp message at eight in the morning and didn’t hear from him all day? Even. At Savingarena enjoy dating by seeking discount code.

RULE 12: Turn off the biological clock

Final panic is not a good guide when looking for new love. Anyone who hears their biological clock ticking too loudly goes on dates “with a gun to their chest,” says psychologist Sonya Rhodes. (And usually doesn’t pay attention to Rule 5 or Rule 9.) The expert therefore advises affected women to find out more about options such as artificial insemination or egg freezing and to realize that women today can still fulfill their desire to have children even after they are 40 can.

RULE 13: Don’t just rely on one guy

As long as you and a man have not decided to keep your relationship exclusive, you can continue to look around the singles market without feeling guilty. Multi-dating is now completely normal, almost a trend. For example, who contacts only one possible new love in a dating portal? Even! The only important thing is: If you think you’ve met the right person, you should make that clear to him. Because of course, he has the same right to multi-dating as you do, seeking discount code.

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