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Cracking the Mystery behind the Green Coffee Beans Price

Green Coffee Beans Price

Cracking the Mystery behind the Green Coffee Beans Price

Green coffee has been in the news for some time now. It has spurred a debate among coffee enthusiasts over its characteristics – the perceived health benefits and the green coffee beans price predominant among them. It gained global recognition almost overnight after it was featured in the Dr. Oz show. Green coffee was promoted as a healthy beverage in the show and people around the world started talking about it.

The health factor behind the adoption of green coffee beans

As fast foods and coffees entrench themselves deeper in our diet, there’s a growing clamour for healthy alternatives. Most people are consuming more calories than they actually need. As a result, obesity is increasing worldwide. Along with obesity, cardiovascular diseases are also soaring. According to a report by Center for Disease Control and Preservation (CDC), 695,000 Americans died of heart disease in 2021. These are alarming figures that have made authorities and stakeholders like doctors and nutritionists worried. It has thus given rise to a growing health fad that has made its presence felt in the food and beverages industry. People are increasingly getting conscious about their food and drink choices, the amount of calories they contain as well as healthier alternatives.

One such alternative that has particularly caught people’s eyes is green coffee and it has naturally aroused interest in green coffee beans price. A lot has been said about green coffee in the last few years, some of them wild conjectures while others downplaying its potential health benefits. Green coffee has become a commodity that is somehow shrouded in mystery. We’ll talk more about this coffee, its health benefits, and its price in this article and give you a clear idea about the coffee.

What is green coffee?

The coffee that is prepared from unroasted beans is called green coffee. By unroasted it means that the coffee seeds aren’t put through the elaborate processing phase. The latter is usually done to bring out the flavours inside the coffee seeds and give them a decent cup profile. By not putting the coffee beans through the roasting process, the chlorogenic acid in the coffee seeds remains preserved. This acid is what gives green coffee its defining characteristics.

Traditional coffee vs. green coffee

When we think of coffee, we imagine the textural richness and colour of the Brazilian coffee beans, with their different flavours and aromas. The roasted seeds of Brazilian coffee when ground and mixed with milk and cream on top are how most people like their coffee. Many also prefer it without milk, however, these people would most likely find themselves in a minority among coffee lovers. Regardless, this is how traditional coffee looks and feels. Roasted coffee, though rich in taste, has little health benefits. The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant, to make you alert and lively, but it comes at a cost. It also heightens your nervous system, increases heart rate, and causes insomnia (if consumed too much).

Now the same doesn’t apply to green coffee as the beans don’t go through the chemical roasting process. As discussed above, the chlorogenic acid content is high in this coffee that would’ve disappeared otherwise under heat and chemical action. Some studies have shown that the polyphenolic compound has multiple health benefits including weight loss, anti-ageing, and reduced blood pressure.

Benefits of green coffee

Although more research needs to be done to conclusively prove the benefits of green coffee, many trials have shown positive results. Here are some benefits of green coffee that is slowly attracting more and more coffee lovers to its fold.

  • Weight loss: The unroasted chlorogenic acid rich Brazilian coffee beans stimulate metabolism and burn fat effectively. The fat loss in turn results in weight loss. Human trials have shown encouraging results in this regard.
  • Anti-diabetic action: Green coffee has shown to block insulin resistance in human beings. This has a positive effect in maintaining insulin content in the blood which in turn reduces the chances of diabetes. More studies are needed to establish its anti-diabetic effect of green coffee.
  • Reduces hypertension: Green coffee is comparatively lighter in flavour and more acidic in comparison to traditional coffee. The chlorogenic acid has a salutary effect on both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and has shown reduction in both these levels. It is therefore good for those suffering from hypertension.
  • Anti-ageing effect: Chlorogenic acid is rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical formation in the body. The acid scavenges free radicals in the body and prevents the degradation of the cells. When the cells and tissues remain intact, it slows down the ageing process.

Key Takeaway

Green coffee with its light taste and acidic flavour is slowly emerging as a healthy alternative to traditional coffee. It has shown promising benefits in various studies that includes weight loss, reduction in blood pressure and maintaining adequate blood sugar levels in the body. This coffee and the green coffee beans price has thus generated much interest among coffee enthusiasts. Even though further studies are needed to fully claim these benefits, it holds great promise as a healthy beverage.

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