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Bridal Salons in Marathahalli for Your Special Day

Bridal Salons in Marathahalli for Your Special Day

Weddings have always been a special event for any girl. Every girl looks forward to the day that they will doll themselves up in bridalwear and walk into their fairy tale. The bridal salons in Marathahalli can take care of all your needs of being a bride.

Having the perfect make-up style that matches with your outfit is important for that big day of your life. Indians have a knack for memorable weddings and that is the reason for the make-up industry growing by 20% on an annual basis. People in India have been spending more on weddings than people from UK.

Before Hiring Someone from a Bridal Salon in Marathahalli

Prior to hiring someone from a bridal salon in Marathahalli, you should keep in mind a few points that can help you in the journey:

  • Choose a style and silhouette from the bridal fashion options. It can help you explain to the make-up artist about your particular wants.
  • You should fix a budget that you will be able to adhere to for the bridal make-up on the day of your wedding. You should choose a bridal salon in Marathahalli with the budget in mind.
  • The color of your bridal outfit should match the tone of your make-up. Think about the bridal outfit before matching it with the make-up and let your make-up professional know about it.

Brides in USA spend about 150 to 200 dollars behind their make-up, but a bride in India spends about 14,000 to 15,000 INR behind their bridal make-up. Make up your own needs and wants when you are going to a bridal salon in Marathahalli for your bridal make-up session.

Important Products in your Bridal Make-up Kit

Indian bridal make-up is gorgeous, dramatic, and glamourous. There are several layers that are put into the make-up on your face to make you look stunning on your wedding day. You should speak to your make-up professional about the products they will be using to help get ready on the special day. Here are some of the essential products that bridal salons in Marathahalli use:

  • Primers that are used in the make-up kit should be long lasting and should be able to give a flawless glow to your face. If you have dry skin, then the primer should be able to help out with it.
  • A foundation can help you to diminish the excessive shine, but it should match your skin type. It should have a texture that will have a matte finish and will not look cakey on the skin.
  • Use of a concealer can help in brightening up your skin in the target area, help hide a pimple, and the dark spots.
  • Setting powders can help make your make-up look absolutely brightened and your skin to look devoid of any imperfections. The ultra-fine texture will not make your looks be too cakey.
  • If all those powders have been taking the sheen in your bridal make-up, you can use a little bit of blush on your cheeks to make you look rosy and fresh, providing life to your face. Dry skin people can use creamy formulas, while the oily skin people can use a dry formula.
  • Providing a little bit more volume and length to your eyelashes, the use of mascara is the only way to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  • Lipsticks are the most important part of your bridal make-up. Your entire make-up can be pulled together with the shade of your lipstick.

You should ask your make-up artist to use multipurpose products, so that you would have to use lesser products on your big day.

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Tips Before Visiting a Bridal Salon

Here are some tips before you go for a bridal salon in Marathahalli:

  • Confirm a date and venue for your wedding before getting a bridal make-over.
  • Set a budget that you can manage to pay and research the salons that you find interesting before visiting them.
  • Keep a small guestlist and that will allow you to spend more on items that are important to you.
  • Know the questions that you need to ask your bridal make-over professional before choosing them for your big day. Make a list of the questions that you want answers to.

If you know what you want, how you want it, and where you want it, then you are ready to visit the bridal salons in Marathahalli for your big day.

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