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All you Wanted to Know About Hooded Eyelids and the Best Eyelid Lift Surgery

All you Wanted to Know About Hooded Eyelids and the Best Eyelid Lift Surgery

If your hooded eyelids are a cause of concern, it ends here. Not only but even famous film stars like Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake and others have hooded eyelids. There are many ways to reduce the unpleasant look and also many nonsurgical and surgical procedures to rectify them. But to have permanent relief from it, the best way is to have an eyelid lift surgery in the best skin clinic. Since the eyes are one of the prominent organs not only to see the world but also to look pleasant and express emotions, having it beautiful is critical. Hence, you should not let the excess fat on the eyelid cover the space between it and the eye to spoil your appearance.

So, check out all about hooded eyelids and the best treatments, including upper eyelift surgery to get rid of it once and for all to look young and gorgeous.

What are hooded eyelids?

If the face is the identity of all people, it is the eyes that make it beautiful and expressive to impress others. And it is the eyelids that make the eyes look attractive to express emotions and turn heads. Also, the eyelids with the right shape and size make the eyes more prominent to have a pleasant look. But not all are lucky to have the right eyelids to enhance their eyes but have excess fat for many reasons. A few may have it because of hereditary reasons, and others because of obesity, continuous rubbing, sun exposure, not sleeping well and others. If you are one of those who have hooded eyes and do not have rested, youthful, or fresh eyes, you should remove the excess fat.

What are the nonsurgical treatments for hooded eyelids?

If one of your parents has hooded eyelids, there are more chances for you to have the same. It is a condition of an eye shape because of excess soft tissue or skin around the eyebrow covering the eyelid and not the eye. As the name suggests, the excess skin or soft tissue forms a hood over the eyelid to leave a visible crease. Not only because of genetic reasons but even getting older or other reasons may cause hooded eyelids. Even trauma to one side of the head may cause hooded eyelids in both eyes. Aging and some medical treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause the eyebrows to sag and not look pleasant. Though makeup may cover the hooded eyelids to be attractive, once its effects fade, it shows again. Hence, if you are concerned about having hooded eyelids, you should consider the following nonsurgical treatments to have semi-permanent covering up of the hooded eyelids.

  • Dermal fillers are skin-pumping injections to smooth wrinkles and also help lift the eyebrows slightly and lighten the skin around the eye.
  • Botox injections on the outer edge of the eyebrow to lift it but have the risk of interfering with the nerves that control the brow muscles.
  • Laser therapy removes the top layers of the skin around the eyes to reduce the wrinkles’ appearance.
  • RF or radiofrequency treatments tighten the skin to lift the eyebrows by delivering an electromagnetic current.
  • Thread lifts involve a process of temporary stitches or sutures to make the eyebrows normal, but lift the eyebrows only a few millimetres.
  • Eye drops approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration helps to lift the droopy eyelids.

Why is upper eyelid surgery the best treatment for hooded eyelids?

Though the above nonsurgical procedures provide minimum eyelid lifting and exist only for a short period, upper eyelid surgery provides permanent relief for it. Hooded eyelids make the eyes look tired and also make a person older and need a permanent lift and awake. Upper blepharoplasty or upper eyelid lift is the surgical process to provide the best and permanent results. It is far superior to traditional plasma pen treatments as they may cause scarring and burns. But upper blepharoplasty involves a surgical process; you need to have it from the best skin clinic from an expert oculoplastic surgeon. And with NHS or national health service not offering such cosmetic surgeries, it is essential to have it at the top and experienced clinic. They will provide a detailed consultation to discuss the need, budget, risks, beforecare and aftercare, among others. Also, to offer a one-month review to remove the stitches or sutures and a two-month review to check the final results.

The above facts will help you to know all about hooded eyelids and to clear your concerns about having the best upper eyelid surgery from a CQC or Care Control Commission-approved clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced oculoplastic surgeon with advanced equipment to have a gorgeous look.

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